ar dealers aren’t always keen on looking for better ways to improve their marketing. Many GMs have grown complacent with existing vendors because they know how often they see the same promise in a different package. Yet, several vendors are actively working to change the way automotive online advertising works. One way to do that is to increase visibility on search engines steadily. Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a marketing tool of inches, not miles, but with results that can make a profound difference for your bottom line. Read on to learn what a digital SEO company can do for your ROI. 

First, let’s take a closer look at what SEO is and how it works. Unlike PPC ads or classified websites, SEO does not rely on advertising. Instead, SEO uses original content to make your store’s site more visible to potential auto shoppers. When someone types “hybrid SUV near me,” for example, your store’s website appears on the first or second page of a search instead of on the fourth. Many managers overlook this possibility, especially if they have PPC campaigns. However, research has shown that most consumers do not look past the second page of a search. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll start a new search. Moreover, appearing on the first or second page of a search increases your PPC ads’ position as well. 

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According to a number known as page rank, websites (and paid ads) get organized on a search engine results page. Search engines have bots that crawl and index websites. As these bots read the content on your website, they assign your site a number. The higher the number, the better the ranking on a results page. No one knows exactly how these numbers get assigned, but both Google and the Yahoo Bing Network have provided vendors with hints about improving them. Search engine optimization, in essence, uses content to raise a dealer’s page rank. 

There are many ways to enhance a website’s page rank. One of the best ways to do that is through original content relevant to your consumer’s needs. We don’t mean more VDPs. Think for a moment about the shoppers that come to your store. Some may have experience, but many of them are anxious about the process. Few buyers trust dealerships to give them a fair price or know what to look for in a vehicle before purchasing it. One way to connect with shoppers is to help them find the information they need right on your website. A few short articles with tips about car buying, leasing, and regular maintenance both help your buyers browse with confidence and has the potential to increase your page rank.

Offering shoppers such knowledge is only one possibility. There are many other ways of achieving this, and an SEO expert will know how to navigate this process. Consider the bigger picture: digital marketing may all look the same, but the opportunities are far broader than ever before. Nearly any sort of advertising can get customized, and it is up to dealerships to seize those chances to stand out among the competition. Don’t do more of the same when new and intriguing advertising strategies are readily available.