ealerships looking to expand their reach might not think much about search engine optimization. Yet, SEO (as it’s known) can make a profound difference for dealers struggling to get noticed by car shoppers. It’s easy to find SEO companies willing to work with the automotive industry. Figuring out which one to work with, though, gets complicated, especially if you don’t know what to look for in an SEO strategy. So let’s break down the basics of SEO and what options are available to help your store increase its profits. 

At its core, SEO utilizes original content to improve your store’s placement on a search engine results page. For example, a robust SEO campaign can move your site from the third page of a search to the first. So when someone located near your dealership searches for “used sedans near me,” a link to your site becomes readily available. Shoppers typically stick to the first or second page of a search. Having an SEO vendor can make all the difference for the leads that arrive in your CRM. Improving your standing can also have a positive effect on any PPC ads you run as well. 

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The details about adding better content on your site vary widely. It does not necessarily mean more VDPs, though adding extra detail and engaging content can help. Instead, adding short articles that cater to shoppers provides a big boost. For example, helpful information about how to navigate financing, pros and cons for leasing, and why purchasing a manufacturer warranty is a good idea are all items that buyers search for before visiting a dealership. In other words, SEO content anticipates what folks are searching for and work to make your website relevant to those questions. This is just one way to improve your placement on a results page. 

Another way is to ask your SEO vendor about adding more backlinks to your store’s website. Imagine a circle in the middle of the page and a bunch of lines coming out of it. At the end of each line is a circle that connects to more circles and so forth. Those lines are backlinks, and they speak to the connections between websites. The more backlinks you have, the more legitimate your site becomes by search engine standards. An SEO expert can tell you how to add more backlinks, but it’s not difficult, especially for those connected to their local community. Sponsoring a little league team or a Boys and Girls Club can bump your site a few notches in no time at all. 

When it comes to SEO, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, suggestions for improvement depend primarily on local demographics, common search phrases, and what sort of content your site already has. Additionally, while SEO seems minor, its impact is nothing short of tremendous. Moving to the first or second page of a search may be all you need to keep your doors open for years to come. Talk to your marketing team today to find out how to make your store’s site SEO-friendly and watch how many leads convert into real-life sales in no time.