Finding the best techniques to spread the word about your dealership has changed dramatically over the last few decades. While no one doubts the necessity of an online platform anymore, choices still need to be made. Having a few PPC campaigns, running ads on classified websites, engaging with customers on social media and review sites, and listing your store on automotive directories all work together to improve your bottom line. However, if you’re looking for something a little different that can profoundly impact your store, you have come to the right place. Working with an SEO promotion company can improve your digital print, enhance traffic, and generate more leads without interfering with your other advertising strategies. 

To understand how SEO, or search engine optimization, works, let’s first briefly discuss how search engines work. All search engines, be they Google, Safari, or Bing, use bots to crawl and index websites. These bots read and review the content, images, and other information on sites to organize them by categories. This is why, for example, when you type in “affordable trucks near me,” the results all feature trucks for sale and not pet food. Besides categorizing websites, bots also check for overall quality. Every site also receives a score, known as page rank, and it helps organize websites on search results pages. As a rule, websites with high scores appear at the top of the first page.

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Studies have shown that consumers rarely go beyond the first or second page of a search. So, if your store’s website appears on the third or fourth page, you are missing out on interested buyers. Moreover, having a high page rank also improves the placement of your PPC advertisements. Though search engines do not reveal how to receive a high page rank, SEO experts typically work closely with search engine consultants to make sure they’re on the right track. The relationship SEO marketers have with consultants also allows them to be on the cutting edge of digital innovation. In other words, SEO is a technique that promotes visibility without using typical advertising tactics. 

Incorporating SEO into your marketing toolkit isn’t difficult, though it does take some testing to figure out what your store’s website needs to improve its placement on search pages. For example, SEO experts typically begin by combing through your site for typos, broken links, and other issues contributing to a low page rank. Quality is a well-known essential component search engine bots look for as they crawl your site. Next, it’s time to add more content. A few blog posts explaining the car buying process or tips for a better trade-in experience are a few examples that can raise your page rank. The point is not only to supply VDPs for your inventory but to anticipate shoppers’ questions. Adding that information allows your site to become more user-friendly. Another idea is to add more backlinks to your site by connecting your store to other websites in the community. For example, sponsoring a local food drive or blood donation event and mentioning it on your site can do wonders for visibility. 

The point is that, unlike other digital marketing techniques, this isn’t another way to advertise your store through conventional means. SEO has become a method born of the digital age because now there is a need to ensure that the best sites get seen first. If you want your store’s website to get to the top of a search result, it’s time to find yourself an SEO expert. Incorporating SEO into your marketing budget will not yield dramatic results at first. As soon as the techniques take off, though, you will soon find yourself with far much more relevant traffic and improved leads in your CRM.